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I’m Sandra Ramaker and I’m asking for your vote for Mesquite City Council Seat #1.

I have lived in Mesquite for 10 years and am passionate about serving our community. I was your elected representative on the Virgin Valley Water District Board from 2010 through 2016 and am familiar with the issues surrounding this vital resource.

I have no conflicts of interest that would interfere with my judgment. I have attended Mesquite City Council meetings regularly so I am knowledgeable about the business of the city. I have volunteered with various organizations such as Mesquite Chamber of Commerce, Mesa View Regional Hospital, League of Women Voters, Kids for Sports Foundation and others. I talk to people all the time and want to bring your voice to the table. I believe common sense is an important attribute, as well as transparency, accountability and accessibility.

Issues that are important to me include:

  • Fiscal responsibility and efficient use of tax dollars to meet demands of the community.
  • Advancing community development that matches fiscal and environmental constraints.
  • Promoting policies that help our golfing and gaming businesses as well as new tourism opportunities in sports and environmental excursions.
  • Ensuring open competition for public contracts.
  • Seeking input from the community and rapidly addressing questions and concerns.
  • Achieving employment in line with population demands.
  • Providing a voice for minority opinions.
  • More affordable housing
  • Expansion of educational opportunities for our youth so they are better prepared for the job market.

If you have any questions or comments, I can be reached at [email protected] or 503-548-3879